Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What? You're a night owl too?

My tooth feels loose. Yup. Like one of those feelings you get after you haven't flossed in a while and then your teeth complain after such a break, like the movement is the French Revolution all over again. But it's just one tooth. No biggie. I've got more. Although I just grinned to remind myself how important that tooth is. I have no anecdote to apply to that little tangent. Twas simply for the bliss of actually feeling my fingers flow over this sticky mac keyboard in the office. Watching my brain spill out words onto a white screen is like magic after a long day like today. I'm so happy. God got me through. Not me. He. And at the end of the day I'll have a chance to bed by midnight and a blog to show. A speech done, a project turned in, work at the newspaper and the mac lab accomplished, and a homework assignment completed.

This is the point in the evening when I like to put on oldies, opera, folk rock or classical and burn hazelnut candles. I've got everything but the candles. What have I to complain about. I'm still in the office, but my fingers will stop shortly. I haven't exercised today. So at least I can comfort my body by patting my digits on each hand and saying "good job. You burned five calories."

I look forward to the morning with anticipation, as do my fingers, for they know the exercise of a news story will challenge their strength. But let's not make it too early shall we? I'd like to see the sun rise. How bout seven? I think I'd like that. For now I'm going to close my eyes and listen to the rest of this song playing by A Fine Frenzy and then I'm going to take my leave of this familiar office and breathe some crisp fall night air before I tuck my body into bed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Man o man it's morning AGAIN!

Most assuredly, allow me to explain, my deepest desire. Some would call claim to desires of gold, others clothes and houses, yet the only desires to fill up my mind are to sleep, to sleep and to be caught up in my school work. Miserable are my 2:21 and 3:10 a.m. nights. Cold are my 7 a.m. mornings. My pulse quickens at the hope of catching up and being level again by the end of this week. I've got two news stories to write, a painting to paint for this evening, due at 6:30. So I'm finishing up my Annotative References for my Communication Research class. I have NO desire to do anything with the word "research" attached any time soon!!! I just finished a 10 page research paper on how the use of color in advertising affects consumers. It was interesting research, but I simply had not the time. I turned it in late. Bummer. But hey, it's done, and it's one less thing hanging over my head. For this I can certainly grin!

God's willing I will make it to the weekend well with a chance for rest. For now I'm going to get those references typed up and I now plan on sending them with my roommate to class in the "morning" and will sleep in and clean and paint when I get up. I have a meeting at 11 I have to get to. Too bad I can't just slip away with the entire morning to a quiet, secluded spot. Perhaps it would be a forest with sunlight pouring in on a clearing, yellow leaves of fall reflecting the warmth of the golden rays. I'd like a pillow of soft, thick, green moss, a blanket of heather and a kiss on the cheek. This sleeping beauty is gonna need a kiss before the days all said and done. (*again, I grin)

My Savior has brought me through another day, though slightly into the next one as well. He's the only one who can save me from my self. Ps. 34 is worth a good read. I think I'll do that before I turn in for the "night".

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today is Beautiful

Usually my feelings toward extreme Sundays are quite ambiguous and not a little apathetic. Simply filling with the desire to accomplish the mountainous tasks before me is not great, however, today is beautiful. I for once have gotten rest. I spent some time in the Word, and though this is usually attempted throughout the course of my day at some point, it was especially nice this morning. My soul was granted a reprieve. God has heard my prayers. I know He listens. It's just hard to see through the fog sometimes. I'm thankful. I've been sick-and-tired of rolling around in the dirt hoping to get clean. I'm not going to say it's easy, but,today is beautiful and I love it.