Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Edit your... mouth?


photos. papers. sentences. videos. thoughts. words.

Sometimes I think if people would edit things more.. life would be...


But then again, we would be more like a bunch of Barbies and Kens and a lot less like PEOPLE.

For now, I will stick to editing my photos.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting ahead to fall behind... I hope NOT!

I'm attempting to get ahead in my Campus Ministries job as Media/Marketing director... the plan is to do thus, that way, perhaps I shan't be so overwhelmed as last year when I try to visually kick off the year in August.

That being disclosed, this little diddy I just dreamed up is not finished as I expect I will be changing wording as well as dates when it comes down to it, but...

at least it's a start!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Well... will I?

Sometimes I just can't stop thinking. There is a legend that men have the ability to sometimes just sit and think about nothing: like, they have these moments when the women in their lives ask them "whatcha think'n about right now hon?" and they answer, "Nothing." AND THEY MEAN IT! But you see, women apparently don't understand that.

I for one have NEVER had a moment in my life when I was not thinking about something.

Yes, there are plenty of times when there is more quiet in my brain than craziness... But, there are also times like yesterday and today... or I should say since last night as I lay in bed tossing from the ceaseless pounding of my thoughts, and this morning... my mind racing over the many possibilities of failure or success that lay before me.

I think I just need to go running. Pound out the thoughts on the pavement. That usually helps... for a bit. So hopefully that and a combo of journaling and prayer should do the trick. God has seen me through so much stuff. I know it's true when they say we spend over half our time in life worrying over stuff that NEVER happens. I've gotta just surrender these thoughts over to Him. Even if that means doing it a thousand and TEN times today.

I'm just tired of my mind being a hamster on the wheel.

Ps: if a man ever says that to me, I hope not to prob him for his "actual" thoughts to the point where he has to make something up to satisfy my oblique curiosity. Instead, I aim to pat him on the back and congratulate him for something I'm simply unable to do.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet Lavender-Mint Iced Tea

I was craving something deliciously refreshing yesterday evening and decided this would hit the spot. Summertime heat calls for a lightly sweet cup of this loveliness, perfect for any evening lawn party. So I wrote my recipe below for you:

Sweet Lavender-Mint Iced Tea

8 Cups of boiling water
Scant 1/2 cup of dried lavender buds
1/4 cup of dried or fresh mint leaves
1 cup of turbinado sugar

1. Place lavender and mint in a large sauce pan
2. Pour the boiling water over the herbs and cover pan with lid, letting them steep 5 to 10 minutes, depending on desired strength of tea.
3. After tea has steeped, stir in the sugar until the crystals have melted into the liquid.
4. Strain the tea with a fine wire strainer and set tea into the refrigerator to chill. Makes 1 gallon.

This tea looks lovely in little glass pitchers and can be garnished with thin slices of fresh lemon or fresh mint & lavender sprigs. Serve over ice with your favorite summer evening snack.

Enjoy these photos below by clicking the image to zoom: