Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sleepless as a mind overflowing with too many thoughts to compress into a doze... I'm fighting to keep my eyes open, but my mind won't grant me the liberty of white noise enough to slip into rest. This has been a long week. So much has happened and I frankly haven't allowed myself the blessedness of sorting it all out... instead... I seem to have made great efforts at marathon mental junk-collecting...

I'm so relieved that it is the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I'm not even in a dismal mood, just extremely way-laden from all the changes in my circumstances lately... I'm one that usually prefers to anticipate change, and not be snuck up on by it from behind... Not everything was of a bad introduction this week, en contrare', I had a great week. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. But I believe I'm suffering a deep mental burn-out not necessarily due to my current situation, but the repercussions and left-overs of the last year. Things I am realizing I still need to sift through and clear out of the crammed corners of my mind.

There is a Melody Gardot song that touches on that very last sentiment of mine. Wonder of wonders it's actually called "Deep within the Corners of my Mind" haha

Such a good song, from such an emotionally tactile singer.
 I know sleep will come...

I'm praying the same prayer I always do. The one I've prayed as long as I can remember... I feel the answer is close... my wait for this answer is almost over... I feel it.

Even if it is only to realize the answer is I will wait forever.
To be satisfied with what I have and know. I yearn for it.