Sunday, March 28, 2010

Overrated Productivity?

Though I could say this on a daily basis, today is a new start to the rest of my life. Isn't that awesome? Each day is new: a gift. Each breath is given and granted, filling us with energy to face each moment. I'm thankful for this. So many times I focus on getting things done, adding to my list so I can mark yet another thing off. Accomplishment. Looking at the black markings, crisscrossing, circling and scribbled all over my list, my goal always to exceeded my expectations.

Yet... sometimes I fall behind. Sometimes I lack the necessary vigor to attain expected productivity. Hard times ensue. Isn't it interesting how we are often our harshest critic in life? It's easy to allow self-inflicted disappointment to creep in our minds in an all-too consuming manner. However, I'm thankful for the reminder that my life, the sum of anything I could ever accomplish, is not enough. Yes, I said it. My life is and will NEVER be enough to gain the type of joy or contentment that I know I long for. This could be a rather dismal realization, but instead I choose to take this realization for the treasure it is: No amount of works could attain the salvation that I so desperately desire. No amount of accomplishments will build me a stairway to heaven. No amount of labor or good deeds or self-proclaimed productivity will save me. Why? Because "the GIFT of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23

And I praise God for this GIFT. I praise my father for loving me so deeply that he grants me oxygen to breathe words of His love to those I come in contact with. Though I must remind myself that productivity is important, I must also remember that I am productive because I desire to be productive in Christ: To do His work. I desire for my heart's desires to be in song with His.

Thank you Father for your Gift of Life. Help me to be active in your love, showing it to those around me. Grant me productivity in You. Thank you for your grace and for once again providing me with the money to pay for school. Father, you granted me with the exact amount once again. Help my life to be a testimony to your gift of love.

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