Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stepping it Up

(As published in the Southern Accent)

I’ve been trying something a little different lately with my prayer life: I’m stepping it up. Trying to find balance in a crazy schedule amidst juggling all the “to dos” is rather daunting, and prayer can slip through the cracks, sometimes even more so during the summers. While reading my devotions, I had an epiphany the other morning; or rather, I was awakened enough to ask myself why I’ve been confining my relationship with God to a devotional book? There are many opportunities each day to apply my faith to life’s situations, yet I often let them roll past.

It is easy to forget that my relationship with Christ is strengthened most when I am applying His love, faith, and hope to the life He’s given me! Israelite that I am my prayers are often uttered quickly with notes of doubt attached. But wait! That’s how the devil wants me to think: In terms of doubt and in haste. He keeps me busy, he fills my schedule, he gives me good things to do for people. You may think this an absurd statement, but quite frankly, he has been studying you from the time you were born. If he can use good deeds to keep you so busy that you forget to connect with the One who inspired that love in your heart, if he can suck that well of love dry, keep you giving and forgetting to refill your love in the Love of your Creator, then he will do it.

We have the privilege to talk with our Savior and to draw our strength from him. Living in Christ we can overcome the distractions and we can inspire others to walk with their hands in the Savior’s; we have the opportunity to be revolutionaries for Christ. I challenge you to find what works for you to keep your prayer life alive. Keep a journal, pick up a copy of Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest” from McKay’s and please watch the song “In the Words of Satan” by the Arrows on Youtube. Let’s step it up and stay connected.

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