Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One of Those Days...

Curiosity killed the cat? If you aren't curious... do you live forever? I think not. In fact, I believe that it is our inner curiosity that begs us to learn how to gain eternal life... It is the "uncurious" who do not live. This was just a random thought I just had, yet I don't have the brain power at this hour to run with it. I'm tired. I'm cranky, and I want my bed. Why I'm not already settled in my cold room inside that warm sleeping back with my blanket wrapped around me I have only one excuse: I'm a slave to communication.

It's one of my majors in college, it's something I do. Communication is engrained in my very soul. I call my parents, I call my friends, I write, I sing, I wave my arms, I make faces... I communicate. And often times it keeps me from getting to bed. About this I am not exuberant. But first I will make a list of events that happened to me today:

1. Got my first bug bite of the summer. Yeah, don't be too jealous... I don't even wear bug spray.

2. Learned the names of all the girls in 2 cabins... aka... 24 names! And they are as precious as pie!

3. A bug crawled up my leg and I thought it was a spider. That was just gross.

4. Fell up a hill today... and even rolled... haven't fallen in a long time... don't plan to for a long time... only two people saw... I think. haha... at least it gave ME something to laugh about!

5. And my personal favorite (NOT!) I got stung for the very first time EVER in my life... by a WASP! On my California waving finger on my left hand... on the knuckle... Hurt like the dickens. DOWN WITH WASPS!

6. My actual favorite: It was implied by my mum that she has doubts about me ever committing to a relationship... aka... wonders if I will ever get married... lol... ok... so that's not what she said... but I ran with it. And though that's not entirely the case, I will admit I loathe making mistakes, and apparently God is working on building up the patience of the man, cause it's gonna take a lot of his patience to woo me. But I shall expound on these things tomorrow.

As for now... Bon nuit, Buenas Noches, Tai jaa and Good night.

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Hannah said...

I loved your list. I love lists in general. I think it's an empowering endevour to successfully make a list and it often fill me with a quiet sort of contentment. Didn't that last sentance sound ridiculous? I also like writing ridiculous sentences, just to see how many big and pompous words I can include ;) Anyways, glad we can 'follow' each other and I'm even more glad that you communicate. . . I love our chats/rants/raves/laughs/etc. OK. I'm over and out.

P.S. You're going to get married. . . but I would like to hear your expounded thoughts on the patience of a man in wooing you LOL