Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board... and bounding forward...

Well, I'm all packed and have loaded everything into my car: School bound. What this new semester will mean for me I have no clue yet, but if last semester was a note about this one, then I shall be decently happy. I'm content with this thought... I must be, for lots of things could go really wrong, and a lot of things could go very much right. I'm looking forward to watching the right that's going to come from the wrongs and watching the rights that simply become AMAZINGLY right. Who knows, I could be anywhere and accompanied by any number of awesomely-lovely people; I could accomplish goals I have yet to further define, and... I could become closer in my walk with God.

These are decisions I will face, often many choices will define what happens in detail this semester, but ultimately it is my choice to be happy and thankful for the life God is leading me in. I ask for His guidance so I won't have to make blind or ignorant choices. I thank Him for where He has brought me from and what He has taken me through, trusting that this semester He shall be by my side once more.

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