Monday, April 27, 2009


Ever had that feeling creeping through your body that causes your entire being to struggle against spontaneously saying or doing something? Something that makes perfect sense to you at that very moment, yet your brain, however much it yearns for you to carry it out, still resists the urge. A strong impression to climb that tree you just passed...cause you can? To tell someone you care for them or do something to help them, ignoring the stares. Yearning for a moment to sing the song in your head, to dance nomatter who's around, to kick your feet up on the desk and yawn, or rudely roll your eyes? Saying all the silly things that come to mind precisely the moment of their birth, makeing those around you laugh regaurdless of the judgements looming over you, ready to burn with intimidation, deeply engraving scars upon your skin.

The feeling of life...Living as a smooth, transparent piece of glass, polished by the sand around, yet valuable to the smallest observer. Making life more enjoyable for all, more valuable for lack of worry over your own self-image. To KNOW YOUR VALUE. To be assured of it. Living a breathing reality of life made better because you enjoy the simple things and say all the quirky words; those that previously rolled around in your mouth til you believed they became the pearls expected by the world.

Sure we walk around many times in a half-naked state. Momentarily daring to acquiesce to those brief moments of spontaneous self-expression. Allowing our skin to enjoy the essence of a sentence not contemplated, but original. Yet, we continually attempt to moisturize our elbows with "high quality, expensive words" we believe to be nourishing our delicate epidermis. Do our our egos continually thirst? This method of shallow assurance may work for some at times, however, my soul feels the silent aknowledgement of a universal desire. I believe there is, in every identity, a yearning to use something more unique, more earthy and natural on our skin. Inside we can sense that, like hemp shampoo, that original, unexpected, raw phrasing, will lather ohh so much better then the thirty dollar stuff, worded so nicely outside the bottle that everyone else uses.

When will we learn that walking around completely naked is ok. Not worrying what everyone else will think. We all want to do it; at some time or another. We envy those that do, yet shun them at times for their bravery. I want that transparency for my life. I don't want to be the "wanna be hippie", the "I wish I could've said that" saint. I don't want to be luke warm, afraid of germs, of sickness, of the trials of those I yearn to reach out to; to be complete in my skin, without worry, without a mask. If the water must boil for the coffee to brew, then it's time to boil that water and quit drinking tepid cups of weak coffee and using imprudent amounts of pricey lotion simply because it's expected. There. I hear the coffee boiling, and I left my clothes at home.

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