Monday, April 27, 2009

A Steady Death

Not sure what to call this one...It started out as a "would-be" poem...however...It kinda became its own thing...and I'm pretty-sure I was mad or along those lines when I wrote it...not that you needed to know that :] But yeah...this one's older too...

(A death.) Slow in its wake, yet steady in its canter, a grey mass subdues a relationship long overdue; nibbling at first upon the edges of conversation, savoring the destruction in each bite. Correspondence t'would grow stronger if not doused by careless neglect. Worlds with much in common, dance about different orbits, left to enjoy only the shadows of their being. One world full of hunger yet flowing with much to give; the other is preoccupied, focused on the tasks ahead.

How often they do pass without meeting the others gaze, missing opportunities to find their common ways. Two worlds spinning to their unknown destinations shall continue in their way, missing one another, forgetting what to say; once their conversations, mutual and free from care, now stumble awkwardly forward, dying in mid-air.

Breathing becomes shallow as the connection grows in distance. Pieces of their worlds falling from their grasp, bathing in their own light wearing shallowly chosen masks. With every step apart, their dance grows slightly weaker, declining to admit a friendships looking bleaker. Strong-willed, self-centered adamancy places their circles in the past. A looming fortress of glass walls will to be broken, yet the worlds spin on, silently unspoken.

These two, allowing ignorance to fill their ever widening oceans, drown slowly as they sink beneath their own cold, lonely depths, swallowing the last of happiness past. No fingers dare unclasp the corset smothering their final gasps. A glance missed a word unheard, a greeting destined to fall on deaf ears; the steady death of a relationship; the transparent promise of life. A woven basket for each heart, covers them from the gaze of others; two worlds slipping into the orbits of the worlds around, never to dance again.

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