Sunday, September 13, 2009


From waking to dusk... an entire day of concentration lost.

These legs have carried me around today. These arms have wasted time. Fingers fed me leftover cake. Healthy day. Waking at noon, sleep to come again after the number repeats.

"Time, there's always time, on my mind. Pass me by, I'll be fine, just give me time. Time. Cold water." -Damion Rice

Wasted, used, lost, recalled, recovered, memorized, forgotten: Time

"The time that I've taken, I pray it's not wasted. Have I already tasted, my peice of one sweet love." -Sara Bareilles

Nothing accomplished, but much prayed over. Nothing to show, but tomorrow will tell. Is "my mind to settle for an honest mistake in the name of one sweet love?"

"I wish I knew"

Today is becoming tomorrow. My blood feels the turnover. My mind brings the relization of a coming dawn. My eyes close to the tangibility of the darkness around me, bringing me hope of a new chance with time as a new quiet hovers over my beating heart and rushing mind. Sounds of breathing touch my ears in whispers.

Tomorrow time and I have a date. Our dispostions didn't work together too well today... we'll see if either of us has changed.

Sometimes the only question I have for time is, "what's taking him so long?" Take that for what you want... cause on many a day... that question changes to have many a meaning. Tonight it's not in my desire to disclose, but time will tell.

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