Friday, September 25, 2009

Satire or Exhaustion? Irony or scrutiny?

Even my eyebrow twitched, wishing to raise as I felt my lips threatening to part... to turn up. With all silent might my brain willed them not to break into a full smile, which I owned had potential to turn the situation at hand into something quite awkward. I'm pretty-sure he knew I was hiding something, possibly taking it to mean disappointment, yet little did he know the irony my thoughts were turning to as he spoke, and the sheer will I had not to bust up in front of his face. Propriety was holding me captive. All the better for my reputation.

Exhaustion: the point where everything in life has the capability to appear either devastating or, my personal favorite: hilarious. For absolutely NO reason. Clearly I prefer the latter, having just stated so, but I do wish exhaustion wasn't such a well known acquaintance.

Admittedly, I LOVE awkward situations. They are fun. They are dandy. They are awesome. I can't get enough of em. However, not all feel the same. I'm o.k. with that. If they did, then there would never be awkward moments. WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE LIKE WITHOUT THEM! My mind shouts.

O.k. so it really didn't shout, but it made realize how great they are.

I'm gonna be honest in saying that if you're reading this ditty for the sake of finding out what scenario I was alluding to in the first paragraph, then sorry to disappoint, but I'm not givin' that one up just yet. Maybe next time ;)

Is that awkward? Nope. But I still smiled.

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