Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's All New

"As You open my eyes to the works of Your hands..."

I'm beginning a new week after a lovely break. I have so many possibilities that it is overwhelming if I attempt to look at the big picture. To take one step at a time; to place my hope in the God that has been personal, close, loving, forgiving... and yet... I feel him distant at times... when, it's only the spaces I've placed between us that create the divide.

It's funny how "Nearer my God to Thee" (the Titanic soundtrack version) is one of my favorite melodies, and yet I am a rubber band, bending, back-and-forth... closer, then away; yet my heart yearns for the nearness I sometimes experience: In the world, but not of it. To live for Christ because He lived and died for me: not an imposition or some dull requirement, but rather a privilege and a way of life, healing for our souls. This is what I desire, and I know He knows even my smallest desires.

May He break into my heart daily, crumble the walls I've built and guide me nearer to Him.

Photo: Nassau, Bahamas

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