Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers... not me...

So, today was crazy. Why am I even talking about it, or about to write about it? ...I have absolutely no clue. But I feel that somehow, writing it down here is a way for me to look at it, and step back and... maybe breathe a sigh of relief...

1. went to bed at 2am, got up at 8am (got to read my Bible and shower... necessary items for the commencement of a day)
2. ate a yogurt (was happy to have remembered to eat b/c of the rush I was in)
3. Felt that the yogurt was a pathetic choice of food... and regretted it when I was hungry an hour later.
4. Went to my 1st class
5. Went to work...
6. bought like a 700 calorie lunch from the VM (to make up for my lack of b-fast calories of course)
7. drove back to my apartment and ate my meal in front of about a 3rd of Pride and Prejudice... (don't judge me haha)
8. Dove back into working on projects until class at 3:30
9. Rewarded myself for my productivity by making a new ring tone for my phone haha
10. Marked all my books in the proper places for my research paper
11. Avoided further work on my paper
12. Went to class from 3:30 to 7:20pm
13. Printed off $30 worth of final projects for my Design class, assembled a CD case with a design, cut out all of my prints and sent more off to the press.
14. Ran back to my apartment and changed for a nice hour of tennis with my buddy Ana
15. Edited some photos and ate some dark chocolate-covered almonds
16. Avoided my research paper some more
17. showered again
18. Read some C.S. Lewis
19. Am writing this blog for no reason
20. Am getting in bed...

Today was a gift. I hope I accepted it the right way. Yeah, so what... this wasn't a deep blog... bah! I just felt like writing again. Somehow, it is just another aspect of life I enjoy, and I'm thankful for this day that God granted. If anyone even got through the reading process of this thing I'm impressed, yeah, this one was more for me than for you, but look for some Senior portraits I just took to be posted very soon. Tomorrow is going to equal more productivity! Mark my words! (and I'm gonna punish that paper!)

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