Friday, April 15, 2011

Rain rain go away to England where you belong

I'm watching the rain dance down from the sky, sliding down my window-pane in unique little patterns; a kalaidescope of colors blur in and out as the sun hits different spots behind the clouds and cars roll up with their lights bright. And me...

I'm sitting here in my living room. On my couch.

This in and of itself is very strange.

"Say what?" You may ask, "What is so strange about you sitting on your couch?"

Well, you see, I don't exactly often sit... on my couch. It's a foreign spot for me. I sit at my desk working, I sit in classes attempting to soak up my money's worth in knowledge. But my couch...

...That's reserved for leisurely acts such as rewarding oneself for being productive after a long day, or week. In fact, I can honestly admit I often go an entire week without sitting on my couch. But when DO sit here, I hardly imagine getting up. It's not that I'm lazy... In fact, I'm a bit of a work-a-holic (I have 3 jobs and do freelance on the side, um, but please don't think I'm rolling in the green stuff... my university on the other hand...)
So yes, back to my couch. There are two soft, over-sized, cream-colored pillows, and two large, cream and velvety throws folded all nicely... except for when I sit there. My vintage coffee table is traditionally elegant and painted cream with a tinted beveled glass center. There are purposely NO florescent lights in this space. Woven textures mixed with creams and simple patterns.

From the get-go I knew my time with my couch would be rare, so I was determined to create an environment where I knew I would soak up my time there in blissful relaxation.

"My my my... what a strange woman," you may say.

However strange I may be... I'm me.
And I like my time with my couch. I'd rather it be rare and relaxing, than frequent and slothful.

Welcome to a snippet of my life. You're welcome to come sit on my couch haha

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