Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The June Bug that Thrives in July

I have this innate fear of walking along and getting hit in the neck by a flying, zooming, reckless June bug. Upon impact I assume my ears to be filled with a zap and buzzing sound, my skin left tingling as six stickered legs poke its surface, and all around me twould be greeted with either the yelp of my shock or the scream of my horror. The only other place worse than one's neck to be greeted by a bug of any sort is the ear. Disgusting.

By-the-by I will note that I probably swallow close to 2-3 gnats each week on average. All occuring in a quite unwilling manner on the account of both parties... gnat and myself. Ahhh... sometimes I just feel camp is the life.


Hannah said...

This reminds me of the time a gnat flew into my teeth ;) I think you were there to witness the horror on Erica's face when she pointed this out to me. . . So far I have limited my bug ingestion this summer, but maybe while I'm gone I'll make up for that with a few cockroaches?

theInsideChange said...

Meng. HOPEFULLY if making up for it consists of eating cockroaches you'll be obtaining some sort of monetary reward for your efforts... like... say... atleast a million! The only bugs I've ever eaten voluntarily is some termites... so worth it... haha...but that's another story!

Dely said...

Bugs. Yuck! I watch endless shows about them, I love reading about them and if they're dead I love inspecting them on a stick. But if their alive and coming towards me I scream like a leetle girl. Supposedly we eat about 8 spiders each year in our sleep. Well, at least we're getting some protein in. :]