Monday, July 20, 2009

What's REALLY Happening in Honduras

The following video is an explanation of what is and has been going on in Honduras. It is closest to the truth concerning the events that have been happening with Zelaya. My mother is a Honduran citizen, and though she is now a resident in the United States, the rest of her family still lives in Honduras.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that I agree with the stance the US has taken concerning these events. I am truly sad about this. As an American I desire to stand behind the decisions my country makes. But also as an American I am given the freedom to make decisions on my own, to be open minded and to speak freely. Thus, I have chosen to look at this situation, examining and hearing out the different sides. And I have chosen to disagree with Obama and the OAS.

They are not respecting the constitution of Honduras and seem only concerned with patting others on the back. Ultimately I feel ashamed of what they are making America out to be: Supporters of Communism. Our country stands on a strong and beautiful constitution, and I am proud of what the United States represents, but our administration of late has seemingly been trying to do a pretty-good job of erasing the foundation of what we stand for straight from under our very feet. May God truly bless America and may we remember who we are and in Whom we trust.

Please watch the following with an open mind and pray that God will guide you to take the stance that is correct. We don't have to agree, but, I maintain that respect is important.

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