Saturday, July 11, 2009

Giving the Red Stuff

The lady from Blood Assurance keeps calling me. "Aimee, when are you going to donate blood? Your O- is very important since you are a universal donor."

I keep telling her I work at camp, AND I don't have a car, but that I plan on coming when I can.

She called again this morning. In the middle of cabin share my phone rings... HOW EMBARRASSING... the ONE time I have my phone on me during a camp function. Surprise. It rings. Finally I explained to her for the ga-billionth time why I haven't made it in to donate this summer, even gave her my camp spiel. And made sure to sound like I cared even more than I do by asking how long I have to wait to give blood after a trip to Central America. "Twelve months," she says.

After practically swearing my right arm to her before I leave the country, she leaves me with a, "Thank you so much, have a nice day."

"Maybe she won't bother me for a year then as soon as pump out my blood for them." Only one of a few sarcastic remarks that rolled around my brain during the course of our conversation.

Usually during the school year I give around every two months. Giving blood is important to me. Once, when my grandfather was in the hospital I got to donate blood specifically for him. There was just something important to my heart knowing that I got to give back to him some of the life, the blood, that he passed on to me through my dad.

Giving blood is just one way for me to help save a life, but sometimes I wish I did more life saving. How can I expect to save a body physically, when I'm not showing them how to be saved spiritually; How to keep their heart pumping, but not how to save their soul praying?

This year, no, this day, I hope God will guide me to save a life. Haha... and perhaps to take some of my sarcasm and self-centeredness away.

Maybe I can start with the Blood Assurance lady.

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