Thursday, February 17, 2011

The 1,2,3s of Spring: Some very worthy finds

Sorry, I haven't posted in a several days, life took over, but I found some great stuff for you, and... I know I re-blogging about a couple of items, but what's better than repetition to signify importance? Anyway, the rest is all fresh. I even made a fantastic play list for you to tune your ears too. Check it out below!

Cool new trends: Great for the college student who needs a mental break and some creative inspiration. Or, for those who don’t have time to look up from the books to catch a glimpse of some very splendid finds.

1. The music scene:

Yes, it’s true I have scoped out some fantastic tunes and have put together a music playlist just for you Southern.
I know it’s a long url, but it’s worth a visit:

Specific musicians you may want to check out are three of my most recent favorites: Garage Voice, Aaron Beaumont and Ivan Colon. What’s more awesome than Adventist musicians playing real music? Totally boss stuff. These guys are all fantastic and their sound is mostly of the indie/folk rock/blues genres. Listening to them is like giving your soul a little hug.

2. Rue Magazine:

For those of you who are in love with magazines, this one is fantastic. No, not your typical fashion and beauty magazine. Instead, it incorporates spreads on a mix of stylish vintage and traditional home décor. Not only is it’s content engaging; it also incorporates fresh design that offers great inspiration during a needed mental break. And the best thing about it: you can subscribe for free to their issues because it is an all-online magazine. Genius.

3. Fashion:
For those out there who care, I did some research on the up and coming color palate for Spring 2011 fashion. The top ten colors are: Honeysuckle, Russet, Coral Rose, Regatta, Peapod, Blue Curacao, Beeswax, Lavender, Silver Peony, and Silver Cloud

It’s a nice mix of warm and cool shades and will match a variety of skin tones. So whether you dig a more earthy palate or a brighter, colorful one, this spring’s clothing line should meet your fancy. Way classier than a couple of years ago when they had some puke greens and an overwhelming plethora of corals in all shades. Not everyone should be walking around in peach folks. This spring’s palate offers hues that range from exotic and spicy to traditional and organic. Happy shopping!

Bonus find: Tulips are the new rose

Photo by Aimee Burchard
For the sake of spring and couples…Ok boys, word of advice: Roses are cliché. Get a new default flower. Try Tulips. They are definitely the new rose and the cost is on par. White tulips are very classy and dainty, and if she has a favorite color they come in a wide array. Also, if you don’t cook and you’re invited to a potluck… Trust me when I say, spending $5 on some flowers for the hostess will score you big points and costs less than making a dish. Enough said.


krista said...

I LOVE TULIPS!!! those are my favorite flowers along with orchids because they are so simple, yet classy! good recommendation!

theInsideChange said...

Let's have tulips in our apartment next year! :) Fresh flowers are so cheery in the winter!

Nabila Grace said...

"Listening to them is like giving your soul a little hug." Splendid line! hah! Loved it! ;o) Tulips are super yummy as well! :o)