Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gimbie Adventist Hospital: Mossy foot

I'm determined to find a way to raise money for Gimbie Adventist Hospital in Ethiopia. I have a project in mind and it will specifically be directed towards helping eradicate mossy foot (podoconiosis).

This health problem affects above 1 million people in Ethiopia (around 5% of the population). If you are interested in how this project unfolds stay-tuned to more posts here on my blog.

I'm excited and overwhelmed at the same time, because I cannot imagine the suffering of those with mossy foot, but I am excited because I know we can make a difference simply by creating awareness about the disease and we can provide hope for healing. By the grace of God, may He be the driving force behind this project. Southern Adventist University is about to get a chance to be involved in changing people's lives.

Please pray as I attempt to push this project forward, and look for updates here as it unfolds.

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