Monday, May 16, 2011

and THEN the little bird BURST forth from the WAVES...

Once upon a time,
there was a girl who did not write for a very long time. She became very busy and though she had a special yearning to touch the small black keys to click out the words rolling in her head... she could not form the small black dots into lines because of the jumble getting in the way.

Finally. I'm writing again! I really do feel as though I were a little bird caught under heavy waves, but I've burst forth again.


Photography and thoughts of photography, unpacking and organizing from my recent move, concept sketches for other projects, editing the mountain of photos I have yet to make a dent in, redesigning my photo blog and my business cards... all of this STUFFFFFFF.
and to top it off I battled a fierce cold for a week!

Thought I was on holiday.
My mistake!
But it has been Ohhhh so lovely being home. So many things that have been on hold, creativity that had been put on the shelf is now being dusted off. I now have a finalized photography logo, I plan on sending my business cards to print tonight, and I've written my contracts. One would think I should be stressed about this, however, I must admit that I have been enjoying every minute of it! I feel that even if photography is not my life's calling God has still placed me in it for a season. And if I digress from all this fantastic forward motion, it shall never cease to be a passion and most beloved hobby.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos I recently took.
Happy Summer!

More to come!

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