Monday, May 23, 2011

First comes love.. then comes the search for a photographer!

Sometimes I feel as though I will never get out of this perpetual cycle of extremely late nights. I'm such a sucker for avoiding my bed! I've blogged about this subject soo many times that I myself am sick of it. But, alas, if there is one thing I'm constantly trying to change about myself it is this!

I feel once more that I am on the verge of some grand beginning, and at the same time wondering if I will topple over into some deep crevice as I inch forward...

My circadian rhythm is all messed up. I was doing well, really, I was! Then I got sick, then we had graduation weekend for my brother, and didn't get back from GCA until THREE this morning... I decided against setting my alarm clock.. just to see what time I would wake... you know.. just for fun. I postulated that I would get up around 11am or noon at the latest..

On the contrary:

I found myself awake at 2pm.

So now I'm rushing to prepare for the weddings and other events that I am privileged to photograph starting in two weeks. Today I ordered a camera bag for my equipment, another SD card, and a battery grip. Wednesday I will be purchasing yet another lens. Boy o boy I hope to have a return on all these investments soon! Not to say that I am getting nothing when it's all said and done, but it just seems like the green stuff is slipping through my hands waaaay faster than I EVER allow.

All in the name of photography. All in the name of my passion. And all in the name of... well I have no clue.
I love taking photos and editing them and making people feel happier for holding those moments in their possession.

So if you need a photographer, contact me and I would be more than happy to photograph you. It would be my pleasure.

But for now, it is four o'clock in the morning and I have more engagement photos to edit when I wake up. And hopefully, just maybe I will be in bed before midnight tomorrow and work my way earlier from there. God has blessed me so far, I am confidant that He will continue as I do my best to improve.

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