Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Australia: I vote YES

Today was a crazy-long day, I ran so many errands that I felt like one of those people back in the day who owned a ranch and only went into town for stuff like flour and sugar. We live about a whole hour from town, and so it is a rather big hullabaloo when we do go. So today I drove in alone, but before I left I double-triple checked my list, because once out I knew there was no turning back. It's so strange not being in school where I was close to everything. Anyway, when I finally made it home, the house was empty and the dogs were out front. My parents were at prayer meeting, and I was certainly hungry, so I figured they'd be as well when they came home. So I decided to create a new sauce for pasta. Hit the spot. I'll definitely be making it again. Points for me for creating something new, and more points for me for having diner ready when my family returned home. (if only those points could be redeemed for something useful... like money ;)

To end this nonsense post, I must conclude by stating that I watched the movie "Australia" starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman for the first time this evening. Countless times I attempted to find someone else to watch it with me.. alas... to no avail. So I finally decided to have a go of it by myself.

It is now on my movie favorites list. It's long, but it's good. Also, please note that I've now decided that being whisked away by a strong, manly Aussie isn't a half-bad idea.


And I guarantee I'll have dinner ready when he drops by ;)

So what's the consensus?
Australia: I vote yes
Hugh Jackman: I vote YES


krista said...

oh aimee this made me laugh out loud at the end. YES!!! he is one fine man :)

theInsideChange said...

hehe AMENG to that!